How to make the most of your corporate website?

A short creative brief


How to make the most of your corporate website?
( A short creative brief )

When it comes to UI designs, digital designers struggle to come up with new ideas. To make a project interesting, it appears that a lot of inspiration, talent, and luck are required. There are specific instructions, to follow in order to create something unique and assist with your problems.

1. The Goals and main message

You must first introduce your goals, which are business goals and design goals, in order to have a good idea. For determine the main message slogan is used to represent your company. For slogan some questions must be answered, such as "Who are you?" Why are you superior to others?” These responses will also assist you with the UI design.

2. Brainstorm & Moodboard

Always begin with a competitor analysis. You can conduct the analysis by visiting various websites. Brainstorm your ideas and then share them with your team, potential users, clients, or even friends. Watch how they react to the idea.

3. Styling & User testing.

From goal definition to research and idea generation. Good UX is the foundation of a good product. And wireframes support in the process. So, for styling we use these steps:
• Wireframe style
• Paper
• Portfolio

4. Details

Details are what make the project interesting and encourage users to interact with the website for longer periods of time. Hand-drawn arrows, icons, and illustrations are also used. A hand-drawn style is an excellent option.

5. Content:

Introduce your company or product, explain how you work, and what makes you unique. Describe your areas of expertise. It's important to spend some time explaining the context.

6. Implementation:

Close communication with the motion designer and developer is required for excellent implementation. This is especially important when the design incorporates unusual design decisions.